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Bloated or full feeling burningcrawlingitchingnumbnesspricklingpins and needlesor tingling feelings chills cough decreased appetite excess air or gas in the stomach or intestines fever general feeling of discomfort or illness increased sweating joint pain muscle aches and pains not able to have an orgasm pain in the neck or shoulders pain or tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones passing gas runny nose shivering sneezing sore throat stuffy nose tightness of the chest tooth problems trouble breathing unusual dreams unusual drowsinessdullnesstirednessweakness or feeling of sluggishness yawning.

Serotonin syndrome symptoms may include mental status changese.gagitationhallucinationsdeliriumand comaautonomic instabilitye.gtachycardialabile blood pressuredizzinessdiaphoresisflushinghyperthermianeuromuscular symptomse.gtremorrigiditymyoclonushyperreflexiaincoordinationseizuresand/or gastrointestinal symptomse.gnauseavomitingdiarrheaPatients should be monitored for the emergence of serotonin syndrome.

Escitalopram is metabolized to S-DCT and S-didemethylcitalopramS-DDCTIn humansunchanged escitalopram is the predominant compound in plasmaAt steady statethe concentration of the escitalopram metabolite S-DCT in plasma is approximately one-third that of escitalopramThe level of S-DDCT was not detectable in most subjectsIn vitro studies show that escitalopram is at least 7 and 27 times more potent than S-DCT and S-DDCTrespectivelyin the inhibition of serotonin reuptakesuggesting that the metabolites of escitalopram do not contribute significantly to the antidepressant actions of escitalopramS-DCT and S-DDCT also have no or very low affinity for serotonergic5-HT 1-7or other receptors including alphaand beta-adrenergicdopamineD 1-5histamineH 1-3muscarinicM 1-5and benzodiazepine receptorsS-DCT and S-DDCT also do not bind to various ion channels including NaKCl and Cachannels.

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